3 Steps to Wrapping an Ice Rink


Every year, Fountain Square in downtown Cincinnati is transformed into an Ice Rink. The Ice Rink is open from the end of October to the end of February to residents and visitors of the Queen City. For each of the past three years, Crux RoadBoardz Graphics has been chosen to supply all the graphics for the Ice Rink. On the surface, this might seem like a straightforward job, but in fact it requires extensive planning, research, and communication.

Step 1: Crux works directly with 3CDC to collect the 40 “dasher panels” that make up the frame of the ice rink. Each double sided panel must be stripped of the adhesive from the previous year to ensure a clean install surface. The Crux install team uses an alcohol-based solvent to remove the adhesive, and prepare for the second step of the process.

Step 2: The Crux design team utilizes a template they created to work with 3CDC and upload art and design for the 40 dasher panels. The artwork is supplied by the 3CDC team and the advertisers.  After all artwork is finalized, the graphics are printed, laminated, and trimmed by the Crux production team. This step requires constant attention to detail, and open communication between all departments involved.

Step 3: Finally, the Crux install team applies the finished graphics to the dasher panels, and installs the panels around the frame of the ice rink on Fountain Square. The Crux install team spends nearly a week at Fountain Square to ensure all 40 panels are properly installed, and every graphic is correct.

In addition to the dasher panels, the Crux team prints and installs custom banners, under-ice logos and window graphics for the admissions tent and the concessions tent around the ice rink. The entire project starts months in advance, and requires a great deal of teamwork from everyone involved.

We are excited and honored to work with such a great group of folks over at 3CDC, and can’t wait to take our families skating over the holidays.  Hope to see you there!