5 Steps to Designing Your Dream Vehicle Wrap

Sometimes we get phone calls from new customers and seasoned customers alike that go something like this:

Customer:           We have a new van we need wrapped.

Us:                      Great!  Let’s do it.  What’s the year, make and model of the van?

Customer:           It’s a 2016 Chevy City Express.

Us:                      And do you have a design in mind, or would you like our help on that?

Customer:           Well, as a matter of fact, we have a logo, and that’s about it.  Where should we start?

Great question!  Here are our thoughts:

1.       Think about what your vehicle is going to be used for, and then write down all the important elements you need included in the vehicle wrap.  (i.e. website, logo, bulletpoint services)

2.       Research vehicle wraps you like. Run some Google image searches.  Start paying attention to the vehicles you pass on the road.  Ask your friends and family what they think.  Make a list.

3.       Request that we send you a template of your vehicle (we have every template under the sun).  Print a few copies, and begin to sketch out your ideas by hand on the templates to get an idea of how your ideas match your vehicle’s exterior.  Start thinking through things like whether you want your roof wrapped, your bumpers wrapped, and your windows wrapped.  Think through how your design could potentially play creatively with your car’s exterior. 

4.       Schedule either a phone call or – even better – come out to meet with us in person with all of your ideas!  We’ll pull one of our designers into the meeting to make sure we are aligned with your vision.

5.       Within 5-7 business days, our designers will send you a design proof of your vehicle wrap, along with a quote.  We will wait for your feedback, adjust where needed, and send back to you.  This process will repeat until you are 10000% happy with your design.

Once the design is finalized, we will schedule installation, and begin producing your vehicle graphics in our state-of-the-art production facility. 

Just a week or two after that, you will drive out of our install garages with a brand new vehicle, perfectly-wrapped, and ready to serve as your company’s very own billboard on wheels.

Questions, thoughts, or comments?  We’d love to hear from you any and all the time!

-          Christa or christa@cruxroadboardz.com or 859-689-4666