4 Ways to Mess Up Custom Banners for Your Festival

Festival season is upon us, and it seems like every weekend there’s a chance to see a music festival, art festival, food festival, or one of Cincinnati’s famous church festivals.

When you’re facilitating a festival, you need all kinds of custom signs, for advertising before the festival, directing patrons during the festival, and giving a shout out to your sponsors.

There are 4 big ways you can mess up this signage. Make sure you’re not doing any of them.

Custom Banner Mistakes You Should Avoid

Don’t consider the needed durability

There are several weights of vinyl material, depending on where and how the signage will be displayed. There are lighter materials for indoor use and heavier materials for outdoor use. Ask the company producing your custom banners if the material is durable enough for outdoor use, and resistant to UV rays to prevent fading.

Don’t think about where or how to display

Some companies provide custom-placed grommets, to allow the perfect display options. The picture below shows Cincinnati’s Food + Wine Classic in September 2014. They needed their banner hung from the bar structure in the middle of the lawn, so they needed grommets along all edges.

Their custom banners displaying the names of chefs at the tables were hung by the tops. They custom ordered the grommet placement for a sleek and professional look.

Order from more than one company

Festivals require many different styles of custom signage. It makes sense to order all of this signage from the same company. For one, it just makes your life easier. For another, purchasing signage from the same company ensures the design stays consistent, there’s less likelihood of miscommunications happening, and the design team can make all your signage looks uniform.

Don’t consider the quality of service

If you’re printing several of the same design, you’re looking for consistency in color and layout across your order. Ordering from a large national printer increases the likelihood of mistakes, color inconsistencies, and design flaws. If you want consistent results, choose a vinyl graphics provider who creates a custom order with you and your festival in mind.

When you’re ordering custom banners for your festival, it’s important to consider durability, location, company, and quality of service. Make your festival a success by carefully considering these things, and choosing a custom signage provider that fits your festival’s needs.