Custom Decals Every Business Needs

Do you ever wonder how you can make your business run more smoothly? Convey information to large numbers of people in a clean, simple way? Customize signage around your office is a great way to remind people of policy, share information, and help your customers feel more comfortable. We’ve compiled a list of four types of graphics every business should consider.

1. Safety Signage

This is one of our most common custom decals because every company, office, and building has safety signage of some sort. Since we design all of our decals, we tailor our signage to fit your company’s specific safety needs. Here are some examples:

Technical equipment: If your business uses any type of dangerous equipment, it’s important to remind users of the precautions they need to take. Warning people of things like hearing damage, risk of injury, or electrocution are vital to keeping people near your equipment safe.

Fire extinguishers: Your business probably has a fire extinguisher, and you should mark it clearly. While fire extinguishers often come with the proper labels and signage, if the signs become worn, they should be refreshed.

Hazardous areas: If your business has an unexpected step, bump, or other dangerous spot in the walkway, we can create signage to help you identify the spot and keep your employees and customers safe. These thoughtful reminders go a long way in a customer’s eyes, letting them know you care about their comfort and safety.

2. Company Identifiers

Company identifiers are a great multi-purpose custom decal to keep around your office. They can be used by just about everyone.

Rental companies: Stick them on the equipment your rent out, like tents, chairs, and tables, to make sure people know where they came from and where to return them.

Service companies: These are great for sticking to your clipboards, measuring tapes, and other tools for the job to keep your employee’s personal items separate from your company’s belongings. (It’s not a bad addition to your company’s brand awareness, either!)

Office supplies: We even keep these in our office to use instead of paper return address labels! Larger decals make a great token to leave with customers after you do business together.

3. Labels

Labels are a fantastic reminder of company policies and procedures. One of the keys to keeping your business running smoothly is making sure everyone is on the same page, and performing tasks in the same way. Labels are an efficient way to make sure that happens.

Service companies: If your business provides routine services for your customers, placing labels on the equipment is a great way to remind your service providers of how often and how the service should be performed. This is a great way to standardize your company’s work, to ensure your customers receive consistent care.

Product labels: If your business creates a product, placing labels on that product is a great reminder for your customers of how the product works, how to care for the product, and how to contact you if the product needs serviced.

4. Glow in the Dark Decals

Glow in the dark custom decals are great for making everyone’s lives a little bit easier around the office.

Light switches: Make it easy for people to find light switches when then walk in a room by drawing people’s attention to it with a decal. This is especially nice in public restrooms if you have customers coming in and out of your building frequently.

Circuit breaker: How many times have we all had a circuit flip, only to scramble to find a flashlight and struggle to find which circuit we need? Make this annoying process a little easier on yourself and get some glow in the dark labels for your company circuit breaker.

Halloween: Hey, it’s that time of year, right?

These are only a few examples of custom decals. They can be pretty much any size, shape, design, and be placed just about anywhere! One huge benefit of custom decals is their versatility. If you can dream it, we can create it!