Decorative Window Film – 4 Reasons Your Business Needs It

Many businesses have exterior windows or doors that have the potential to be used for branding purposes. Here are four reasons every business should invest in decorative window film. We’ll look at how one of our customers, Land Transportation, uses all of these reasons.

Decorative Window Film is Easy Branding

Windows and doors are an easy opportunity to display your company logo. Placing your logo where customers can see it will increase awareness of your location. Window decals are an especially good choice if your business is located in a crowded business district. Window decals will help your company stand out.

Example: Land Transportation is located on a busy street in a business district. Their huge window graphics displaying their logo make them easy to spot from down the street.

Show Your Brand’s Personality

Like branding, showing your brand’s personality will help customers get familiar with your company. Decorative window film portrays an idea of your company’s culture. Are you a small business who treats your customers like family? Are you a cutting-edge agency? Are you a trendy start up? Window decals will offer a hint of your company culture, helping to attract your ideal customer.

Example: Land Transportation’s logo gives insight into what their company does. It lets customers know they are a trucking logistics company, rather than rail. And their clean, classic color scheme reflects their experience in their field.

Display Your Business Information

Decorative window film is a perfect way to display your company’s contact information. Putting your website will direct customers to more information online. Displaying your phone number lets customers know how to reach you, and displaying your hours lets customers know when they can expect to find you at the office.

Example: Land Transportation’s wraps showcase their phone number in a huge font. This small acts is a simple way to build good customer rapport.

Decorative Window Film Increases Your Employee’s Privacy

If your offices have large exterior windows, window graphics can serve as a means for privacy, while still letting in light, unlike shades or blinds. This is another advantage for companies located on high traffic streets. Using window graphics can help your employees filter out the noise of the street to focus on their work.

Example: Land Transportation’s windows are completely covered, which serves a dual purpose in getting their brand information as large as possible, while also providing the maximum level privacy for the office. The wrap actually has small holes in it, which still allows natural sunlight to get in the room.