How Many Ways Can One Customer Use Our Products?

We have many customers who come to us for a specific type of vinyl graphics, not knowing that we provide other services as well. Today we’re going to highlight one of our favorite customers – Three Rivers School District/Taylor High School – and show you all the different types of graphics they use around their buildings.

Commercial Signs

The picture above is the Event Entrance to Taylor High School. One of our designers created the commercial sign on the school wall to label the entrance. This is a great way to use signage to guide people coming in and out of your building, letting them know they’re in the right place.

Channel Letters

Three Rivers Schools use channel letters in several places around their school. Most recently, they built a new elementary school, and needed dimensional lettering on the exterior wall. Our design team matched the font that was on the old school to give the new school brand consistency. Channel letters also appear on interior walls to label rooms like the media center, and in decorations in the form of inspirational quotes in the hallways.

Custom Signs

This is one of several custom signs we did at the school. It includes both channel letters and 3D signage components. This custom sign serves a multiple purposes by branding the wall with Three Rivers’ mascot, advertising the performance series, and labeling the arts center for easy patron experience.

Custom Banners

Taylor High School has custom banners all over their school. The banner on the left commemorates the old high school building, which was torn down in 2013. The custom banner on the right celebrates the new building. Taylor uses banners to remember their school history.

Retractable Banners

Retractable banners are often associated with trade shows and expos, but they can be used just about anywhere. Their easy transportation makes them perfect to place in entrance ways, assemblies, or any time parents and community members are coming into the school.  Here, they highlight the “Word of the Month” for the school.

Sports Graphics

Sports graphics are huge at Taylor High School. Crux has printed and installed the Yellowjacket logo, state champion wall graphics, conference team logos and a whole lot more all over the gymnasium walls and the hallways of the school. Taylor does a great job of using vinyl graphics to help build team spirit and school pride.

Wall Graphics

This pictures shows some wall graphics in a hallway. Students see this as they’re passing between classes, and it’s a creative use of an otherwise blank, white wall. Taylor uses the space to inspire students with something nice to look at. The tree integrates academic and extracurricular activities to show how each inspires the other, and they work together to help students grow.

Wall Mural

These are three wall murals in the Three Rivers school library. The picture on the left shows a collage of favorite fictional storybook characters. The middle image shows the entrance door to their Imagination Room, and the image on the right is located next to the biography section and shows a collage of historic characters. Taylor uses a wall mural to help guide the students to different sections of their library and to generate excitement and interest in the characters found in the books!

Three Rivers has wall graphics, custom signs and banners all over their buildings to encourage students, build community, assist visitors, and show off their school spirit. The graphics build the character and personality of their school. Good work, Taylor! Thanks for allowing us to help decorate the new building!