How to Solve Problems with Custom Banners

We’re doing a Throwback Thursday to start off the New Year. There are so many resolutions to finally fix that one thing you’ve been meaning to solve since last July, and this story will help with that creative spark. How many companies say “creative problem solving” is one of their core values? A million, but that’s so abstract, what does it even mean? This story shows you what that means to Crux. This is a project we completed about a year ago, but it’s a great representation of how we work with our customers, and how we can help solve that one thing that’s been driving you crazy but you just don’t have time to figure out.

Here’s to a creative, successful 2016.

We love having the chance to make creative custom banners for our customers. This is a recent project we did for Salon On The Ohio.

The Story of SOTO’s Custom Banners

SOTO has been a long-time customer of ours. They’ve used just about every product we offer, from wall murals, to frosted window film, to window graphics. SOTO wanted some custom banners outside their business, but the city doesn’t allow permanent signage in the walkway. We took a flowerpot that had been sitting outside SOTO’s front door and removed the dirt. We placed a pole in it, poured some cement, and created custom banners for SOTO to hang in the flower pot. Now, the outdoor banner is still temporary if it ever needs to be moved. It also gives SOTO the flexibility to change the pole banner out for different seasons or promotional offers.

You want your customers to know about you. We want our customers to be known. Let’s work together.

To your creativity,
Nicole A. & The Crux RoadBoardz Team