Magazine Shows off Crux RoadBoardz’s Truck Wrap

This fall, Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business launched an online magazine, Momentum. The magazine is all about people sharing their secrets to starting a business. Featured on the Momentum homepage is Cincy entrepreneur Ashely Volbrecht, her mobile boutique TruckShop, and the truck wrap Crux installed for her! She talks about how we helped her at the last minute before her grand opening:

Earlier in the week, we were supposed to get the truck “wrapped” — it’s a huge sticker that goes on the outside of the truck. You have to be well-trained to wrap a truck, and of course, those well-trained people had something come up and couldn’t do it in time. Finding someone else who could wrap a truck within a few days was like asking for a miracle. There are very few people who do it.

Long story short, and a lot of phone calls later, we fell asleep at 7am Saturday with a fully wrapped truck, and woke up at 7:45am to get ready. We opened for business by 10am.

We’re happy to be the people Ashely turned to when she needed reliable, skilled work in a time crunch!

Head to Momentum’s website to see of photo essay of Ashley’s truck wrap, read how Ashley started her business, and watch a video of Ashley sharing the story TruckShop.

And check out Ashley’s website to see where you can find her truck next!