Top Three Alternatives to Billboards for Small Businesses

There’s no doubt billboards are our outdoor advertising branch’s top product. You may have noticed our recent re-branding to reflect their popularity. Highway billboards might be the most familiar form of out-of-home advertising, but what if you’re a smaller company who doesn’t have the budget for a billboard? What if you’re looking to target a specific neighborhood? Then this blog is for you. Here are our top three alternatives to billboards:

1 – Cincinnati Reds Restroom Advertising

Why it’s so great: This is the first time these ads cover an entire wall in a restroom, and the ad space is completely customizable to your needs. (If you’re a diaper company, we’d put you above the changing tables.) With an average of more than 65% of the seats filled each game this season, the Reds draw a wide range of fans, from CEOs to families to small business owners. Whether these sports fans are viewing the ads at the front entrance of the restroom or above the sinks, they’re taking note of your advertisement and your company.

Who it’s perfect for: Companies looking to target a wide audience.

Example: Service companies, like electricians, health clubs, or chiropractors. Such widely used services benefit from targeting a wide audience.

2 – Bus Advertising

Why it’s so great: Its movement, size, and color can’t be ignored. Mobile marketing is close in proximity to its audience, which makes it a powerful branding impression. With bus advertising, your message is constantly moving every day, giving it wide reach and frequency. It’s also extremely adjustable and cost effective. Our monthly rate is often mistaken to be a weekly rate.

Who it’s perfect for: Companies looking to increase brand awareness.

Example: Realtors, lawyers, technicians, restaurants. Putting your brand in traffic is a great way to target people on their way to work or to play and make them think of your brand first.

3 – Grocery Cart Advertising

Why it’s so great: You target the primary decision maker of the household. The person buying the groceries is probably the person in charge of the budget, and the person in charge of the budget makes many of the buying decisions for the household. This is a great way to get your name right under the nose of your potential clients.

Who it’s perfect for: Companies offering a local service, targeting clients in their back yard.

Example: Dentists, day care providers, realtors, contractors. Clients aren’t going to fight traffic going across town for your services. You’re looking for clients in your neighborhood, close to your office.