Wall Murals to Boost Morale

Imagine you’re sitting in an office.

You look up from your cubicle to see rows of more cubicles. The flickering florescent light starkly lights the oatmeal colored walls.

You look around and see a sea of oatmeal colored everything: walls, carpet, desktops, files, cubicles.

Does this scene inspire you? Does it help you focus? Does it engage your creativity so you can produce your best work?

Not many people would feel their best in this kind of office space.

Unfortunately, many offices are designed this way, leaving executives the often difficult task of boosting employee morale.

Short of painting the walls cerulean (which your building manager probably wouldn’t appreciate), what can you do to help inspire your employees?

Wall Murals Save the Day

There’s lots of research to support how color can help motivate your employees.

Wall murals are a simple way to redesign a space in a way that won’t break the budget or require a decorating committee.

Wall murals us a special vinyl that that is easy to remove and replace, so your building manager will stay calm.

Check out these examples:

One of the foundations of productivity is low levels of stress. If your work is stressful by nature, a wall mural of a serene scene can do wonders to put your employees at ease.

Lettering displaying your company values to your employees serves as a daily reminder about what you consider important.

This display goes a long way in the eyes of potential clients coming in your office. Putting your values on display shows transparency and openness to everyone who walks through your doors. 

This wall mural came from Anchor Fluid Power. Anchor took their product and turned it into a beautiful piece of artwork.

Wall murals are an easy way to enliven your employees’ work space. Whether it’s bright artwork or company values, adding color can help your employees feel inspired in their work space, making them happier and more productive.