Crux Creates Inspiration for New Building

I want to tell you about one of my favorite Crux customers. (I’m probably not supposed to have favorites, but I’m only human.) Part of my job is to look through proof of performance photos taken by our installers, and post new photos on our website and social media sites. Every time I come across a picture from Three Rivers School District/Taylor High School, I get a big smile on my face. They’ve asked us to make a lot of cool stuff. I already wrote a pretty long blog post about a bunch of work we’ve done for them, so this may be a little redundant. But, I just recently learned their story and how they came to be one of our largest customers. I was really surprised by it, so I wanted to share it with you.

Three Rivers is a public school district in Cleves, just past the west side of Cincinnati. In 2013, they tore down the 87-year-old high school, and built a single, K-12 building.

Tom Bailey has been in just about every leadership position in the district – director of development, elementary and high school principal, chief principal, chief operating officer, and now he’s the assistant superintendent. When construction of the new building began, Tom helped the superintendent lead design meetings throughout the district with staff and community members to develop plans for the new building. When they moved to the new space, there was one problem. As Tom put it:

We got complaints from parents that our new building looked like a prison.

No one had thought about the bright, white walls being overbearing. Enter Tom Bailey to save the day. Tom has been a customer of ours since 2006. He heard about us through a recommendation when he was chairperson of a 5K/10K walk for the district, and he bought banners for several years. “Because of the great customer service and good price I continued to use Crux, which then opened the door for me to use Crux for many more services.”

Tom called us about the white walls in the school. We wrapped some walls around the new building and installed floor-to-ceiling murals. This grew into creating vinyl graphics in the gym, the fine arts center, the entry ways, the library, the elementary school.

One of Tom’s favorite things about Crux?

I’ve been extremely satisfied with the amount of service we get, especially the great options for design. As a school district representative I don’t have personnel that are experts at design.”

And how have people responded?

“Students and parents love our graphics. When we first moved into our new $63 million campus it was quite sterile and we had many comments and complaints regarding the sterility of the walls and spaces.  Now our competition gym, hallways, entry ways, media center and more are dynamic and inviting to all our guests and students.

To your inspiration,

Nicole A.