Decorative window film from Crux RoadBoardz Graphics offers an instant way to spruce up any office or commercial space. Our 3M window film can cover any size window, partially or fully, to meet your needs. Decorative window film is extremely flexible in its design, making it easy to create any look your business desires.

Etched glass decals are a fantastic way to give your office a classy environment without spending excess money on etched or frosted glass. The vinyl is textured to look like it’s been sandblasted, giving the same look as frosted glass. We offer two types of etched glass decals. Dusted window film has a smooth finish and looks like wax paper. Frosted window film has a shimmery finish. Our PDAA certified installers will even come to your building to ensure a smooth application of the highest quality. Etched glass decals can be cleaned with household cleaner, just like a normal window.

Why Decorative Window Film?

Decorative window film is an easy way to change the color in a space, creating privacy and increasing your brand awareness at the same time. The pre-printed designs are much easier than painting, and easy removal makes 3M window film a perfect option for commercial or leased buildings. Adding visual stimulation in an office space has been shown to increase employee’s productivity and overall mood in the work space. Decorative window film can make a small space look bigger. It can also hide fingerprints on glass doors, keeping your building looking clean and professional.

Why Frosted Window Film?

Etched glass decals can create an elegant pattern or logo on the windows of your business. Because the vinyl is placed over an existing window, it can be partially or fully frosted, depending on your needs. Frosted window film is a great way to add privacy in offices or cubicles, cutting out distractions and adding privacy to help increase productivity. On exterior windows, dusted or frosted window film can help cut heating costs. It cuts UV rays, which keeps the sun’s heat out in the summer, locks heat inside in the winter, and prevents fading of carpet, furniture, and decor. Cutting UV rays also reduces glare from the sun while still allowing natural light through, a great advantage for windows that are difficult for hanging curtains or blinds.